Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31

Hello all!!  We have been doing a great job learning, figuring out rules and procedures, and building our stamina!  Last week we were able to introduce and rotate through 3 of the Daily 5 stations.  The kids learned how to read to self, listen to reading, and practice building words at word work.

 We have been having fun with our morning work!  When the kids come in they are able to watch a video of a first grade teacher giving instructions for what they should do.  Last week's Fidget with it Friday was to build their first initial using the materials at their tables!

 The kids really enjoyed our friendship potluck snack!  It was great to see their eyes light up when their friends revealed their snacks!

 This week I am SO excited because we are finally launching READING GROUPS!!  The kids have proved that they are responsible enough to do Daily 5 independently which frees up the adults to do small group reading!  The kids will be reading books at their instruction level while working on spelling patterns, sight words, reading strategies, and comprehension.
In math we will be wrapping up addition partners through 10 as well as adding and subtracting fluency.  At the end of the week we will review so that we are prepared for our first UNIT TEST next Tuesday!

We are going to move on from rules and procedures to begin an author study on Kevin Henkes!  He is one of my FAVS!!  We will be talking about author's purpose and character traits.

In writing the kids are learning that they can write about what the love.  They have been busy filling in hearts with drawings and labels of the people, things, and places that they love.  We will officially launch our writing workshop this week complete with folders!

Don't forget to check your kiddo's backpack!  Homework folders are full of spelling, math, and sight word practice.  The only things due this Friday are the spelling contract and math papers.  The sight word list can be initialed when your child can read ALL 40 words fluently.  When they have mastered the pre-primer list I will send home the primer words.

Fundraising packets and Scholastic orders are due TOMORROW!

Have a fabulous week!

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