Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23

This week we have been learning about fire safety.  Yesterday we had a fun visit with our local firefighters!  They taught us how to stay safe if we are ever in a fire.  They even gave us homework!  Your student was supposed to have you check your fire alarms, did you do it?  

We got to see all of the gear they wear in a fire and they told us how it protects them in 800 degree temperatures!  We got to see firefighter Patrick get all dressed so that we would know not to be afraid of them in an emergency.  He also let us hear some of the sounds that his equipment made.

 Then we headed outside to check out the truck with high fives for everyone along the way!!

 We learned about all of the cool tools they carry on the truck.  We also learned that it carries 1,000 gallons of water!

 Then we got to see the flashing lights and hear the siren!  How cool!!
 When we came back inside some of the kiddos shared their family's fire safety plan.  I was so proud that they knew exactly what to do!

 As we prepared for dismissal we watched this song to help pump us up for game 2 of the World Series!  When we headed down the hall they kids started chanting "Let's go Royals!"  It was so neat to hear all of the other classes join in.  I like to think we helped with last night's big win!!  GO ROYALS!!

Don't forget that tomorrow night is 1st grade's movie night!  We will be watching Hotel Transylvania in our costumes from 6-9!

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