Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 4

Wow!  I was so excited to see all of our cookie packets come in!  You guys are hard workers!  If you are like me and forgot your child's packet, please feel free to send it in tomorrow. 

I will also be placing our Scholastic book order for September this weekend.  Please send in your order with a check made to Scholastic Reading Club or order online at club.  Our class code is H2G7Q.

The kids took a quick quiz in math this week and I can tell your hard work on homework is paying off!  They also stretched their brains by figuring out some tricky riddles like:  "I am thinking of 2 numbers.  They are partners of 7.  One number is 1 more than the other number.  What are my numbers?"  It was neat to see how they solved the riddle and explained their reasoning to the class.

We have been practicing stating our opinions and giving two reasons to support them.  Today the kids worked in groups to write some playground rules that they thought were most important.  It was so great to see them collaborating and solving problems that come along with working as a team!

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