Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2

GUESS WHAT!?!  On Friday we found out that we are the cookie dough check-in champs!!  Thus far our class has sold the most cookie dough in the school!  That means that our class gets to have a cookie party!  BUT WAIT, there's more!  First grade is the top selling grade level so far.  That means we get to have a snow cone or popcorn party with our grade level!  How fun is that?  Keep up the great work!  PTO fundraiser packets are due this Thursday.

 I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.  I was excited to see how hard they worked in writing!  We looked to Richard Scarry as a mentor text today.  We noticed how his illustrations helped the reader understand the story, he labels pictures, and he adds speech bubbles.  I challenged our writers to try it out in their pieces.  They were very excited to share their hard work with their friends!

We are starting to learn about what good opinion writing looks like in first grade.  Today we learned about OREO writing, stating your Opinion, give a Reason, give an Example, and restate your Opinion a different way.  The kids love listening to this song and arguing their opinions.

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