Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27

I just have to share this picture with you...
 We had the coolest moment today!  As kids were finishing up a writing project I had the early finishers play a "race to 100" math game.  All I did was set out the supplies.  They all congregated at the rug, shared, took turns, welcomed new players as they finished, used encouraging words, and not one single disagreement!!  It was AWESOME!  Thank you for sharing your superstar kiddos with me, I love them!

Today we finished up our pioneer writing piece.  These are the notes they used to form their stories.
 Here are the covers, aren't they cute!!  I will share them with you are conferences.  They did such great writing, I am one proud teacher!
Speaking of conferences, today we started the PowerPoint presentations that your kiddos will share with you!  They did amazing.  It is hard work to navigate the entire school's files but they did it!  Slide number one-complete!
During math we practiced adding with counters and ten frames.  We also introduced story problems.  They kids drew pictures and wrote number sentences to solve word problems about their friends. 
It was a wonderful day!  I am SO excited for 100 day tomorrow!!

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