Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28

 Our 100-year-olds had a blast today! 
 We started our day by popping 100 balloons!

 We headed back to class to hunt for 100 kisses!  They identified the number and placed it on a 100 chart.  Then we divided them up and discovered that each kiddo would get 5 kisses.

 They spent most of the day working in stations.  They made pictures using the numbers 1-0-0.  They turned it into glasses, monster trucks, and race cars.
 They made gumball machines with 100 "gumballs."

 They made a 100 piece snack that we enjoyed at the end of the day.

 They worked on a 100-piece puzzle.
 They worked together to make towers out of 100 cups.

We also transformed the kids into 100-year-olds!

It was a lot of fun parading for the first graders in our cool 100 hats.  It was a great day in Kindergarten!  Now, on to Pioneer Day (THIS FRIDAY!!)!

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