Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22

Hooray for Kansas!  This week we are studying pioneer life as they traveled west to Kansas.  We have taken notes from a nonfiction book, If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon.  We have learned about pioneer clothing, travel, houses, and chores.  If you are thinking about an outfit for Pioneer Day (January 31st!) we learned that boys wore yellow or gray button up shirts, pants, wide brimmed hats, boots, and sometimes suspenders.  Girls wore long dresses, boots, aprons, and bonnets. 

We have been learning about Kansas state symbols as well.  So far we have found Kansas on a map and roughly located Gardner.  We have looked at the state capitol and the flag.  Today we worked on identifying and coloring the parts of the state seal. 

Yesterday we worked on comparing numbers using greater than and less than.  We used a number line and talked about numbers get bigger as they move away from zero.

Today was extra special because we celebrated Trey's 5th birthday!  I have never seen a group of kids more excited to share juice and bananas!  Thanks Trey!

Don't forget to sign up for Mrs. Preston's family reading challenge!  It is due by this Friday, January 24th.  My family did it last year and had a wonderful time.  It even sparked us to read every Judy Moody book as well as every Stink book! 

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