Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 18

What a magical day to be a kindergartener!  It was one of those days that makes me so thankful to be a teacher at Sunflower!  This morning Mr. Mortenson came by and whisked the kids back to his office for a reading of The Polar Express.  It was so cute to see their smiles as he read.  After our reading we came back to class and were startled to hear someone banging on the door!  When Cade opened it he only found a box.  Inside were 20 silver bells, still cold from the North Pole!  We could not believe we got such a special delivery from Santa Claus himself!

This guy was pumped to sit in the bossman's chair!

The story got us thinking about what we would ask for if Santa picked us for the first gift of Christmas.  The kids did a really cute writing project telling the best gift!
We did not get to visit the holiday shop today but definitely will get there tomorrow!  The kids had a blast jumping in the bouncy houses instead!
We worked in our Santa Claus books and wrapped up some gifts for some very special people!  We are looking forward to Polar Express Day tomorrow!  Don't forget wrapped mugs to exchange, PJs, pillows, blankies, and TICKETS!! 

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