Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11

FRIDAY UPDATE!  I was so busy with the basket auction that I forgot to tell you that we had a lot of fun drawing and painting farm animals to go with our writing!  We also make mini pizzas to go with The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza.  Luckily all of my friends offered to help!

The basket auction was a huge success!  I haven't heard a grand total yet but I know that we made more than last year!  Our basket went for over $200!  Thank you again to everyone who pitched in!

Today we continued our farm unit with a focus on healthy foods.  We talked about the five food groups; fruits, vegetables, meat & protein, dairy, and grains.  The kids played musical chairs and had to take a turn out if their chair had an unhealthy food!  We read Something Good by Robert Munsch and talked about the healthy and unhealthy choices.  The kids practiced writing a list after the reading. 

In math we are comparing 3D and 2D shapes.  Please be sure to practice the names of all of our shapes; square, rectangle, circle, hexagon, triangle, cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere. 

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