Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9

Pumpkin Week continues!!  The kids reviewed the pumpkin life cycle during their morning work time. After morning meeting we opened our biggest pumpkin.  They were very excited to use their sense of smell and sight as they peeked inside but they had to wait to touch!
We headed outside to read How Many Seeds are in a Pumpkin? before recess.  It was wonderful to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and have all the kids engaged in the story!  They quickly caught on that counting the seeds in groups of ten would be the easiest way to find out just how many were inside our pumpkin.
After recess we came inside to get busy counting, but first, all of the kids made an estimate!
Each kiddo got to come over and count out 10 seeds.  It was messy work but someone had to do it!
They did a "What's Inside" craftivity while they waited for their turn counting seeds.  They glued store bought pumpkin seeds and a piece of yarn, to represent the pulp, inside their pumpkin.  Some even were brave enough to try a seed!  Many of them loved them and were begging for more!

In the end we had 41 groups of ten and 4 extra seeds for a grand total of 414!!  It was great to hear the kids rule out their estimate as we kept counting higher!
At the end of our day we started to read Sparky and Eddie's First Day of School.  We learned three new fancy words and the actions to help us remember them.  See if your kiddo can show you glum, whimper, and gasped.

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