Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7

This week we are studying PUMPKINS!!  The kids were so excited to see all of the pumpkins that were sent in!  Thank you!!  We have 9 pumpkins, the exact number we need!  We read a nonfiction book, Growing Pumpkins.  We learned about how pumpkins are grown and their lifecycle.  Then my little scientists worked with a partner to make observations using their 5 senses.  We charted their observations on our class chart.  They discovered that pumpkins are rough, have lines, are orange, hard, smell like pumpkin pie, and have hard stems.

We practiced counting to 50 and then practiced counting forward on a number line.  They played a number line game with a partner which is an introduction to addition.

During reading groups the kids read and illustrated a mini book about the lifecycle of a pumpkin.  When it comes home ask your kiddo to read it to you!  They do a great job pointing to the words and checking the pictures for clues!

We finished up our day by practicing onsets and rimes.  If I give them 2 parts of a word they should be able to smush them together and say the word.  For example, /s/-at=sat.  We read I Love School!.  We talked about characters, setting, and exclamation points.  The kids learned three new fancy words and actions to help them remember them; active, gigantic, and voyage.

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