Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3

We had such a productive day!  The kiddos partnered up and shared their pictures from my home visits.  They told their partner "I like to..."  Then we headed back to our seats to write the sentence stem.  Luckily the words, I, like, and to are all on our word wall!  Tomorrow we will finish our sentences and make a class book.

In math the kids practiced writing their number 0-9 by rolling a 10-sided die and recording the number on a white board.  They loved it!  Then we filled in an October calendar for more number writing practice.  They are very excited to hang them in their rooms and count down to Halloween!

After reading groups we read the book Jessica.  The kids did REALLY good thinking during the reading!  I am so impressed how they incorporating the skills they are learning into our read alouds.  They are noticing the author and illustrator, setting, and making predictions. 

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