Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 30

We were busy, busy today!  We finished up our owl art and wrote owl facts to go with them.  They are currently on display in our Monsterpiece Gallery! 

We ventured outside on this wet day to get some movement in.  I think they stayed out of the mud!

During math we started mad minute.  This is a challenge to write numbers from 1-10 in one minute.  As they pass each level the task will get more difficult.  By the end of the year the kids will be doing addition problems!  We also practiced writing our numbers from 0-19 using bat ten frames.  The kids flew around with white boards in the dark and froze in front of a bat, counted the ten frames, and wrote the number.

After reading groups we reviewed our vocabulary words from the beginning of the week; squabble, mischief, and uproar.  Then the kids helped me read Down on the Farm.  We talked about the changing setting and how the characters changed throughout the story. 

The kids are VERY excited about Halloween tomorrow.  Remember, kindergarten is not dressing up.  Our class party is on Friday, November 1st.  Don't forget to dress your kiddo in their jammies!!

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