Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29

We had such a fun field trip on Friday!!  Thank you to all of the mommies and daddies who helped out!  Thank you for trusting us to take your children downtown, I think they had a great time!

This week we are studying another nocturnal animal, the owl!  Yesterday the kids made a chart about what owls have, are, and can do.  Today we read a nonfiction book and make a tear art owl project.  We also got a surprise visit from an wildlife worker!  He showed off a raccoon, opossum, and a couple of bats!
We are focusing on numbers in the teens this week in math.  Check out this fun song to help kids remember to put the 1 first when writing teen numbers!
To finish up our day we watched a short video clip about owls and ate DELICIOUS owl cupcakes!  Thanks Trey!!

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