Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 31

Happy Halloween!!  The kids were SO JAZZIED this morning!  If your 5 (and 6)-year-olds are anything like mine they were up at 5:45AM ready to rock this day! 

We started off our day drawing a picture of our costumes.  The kids filled in a couple of words to make a Halloween poem.  They shared them with their friends and I will make them into a class book. 

We read There's a Nightmare in my Closet and discussed what we would tell our nightmares.  They shared their sentences with a partner and then headed back to their seats to write them.  We are working really hard to only have one uppercase letter at the beginning, use spaces between words, and end with punctuation.  Today we used an exclamation point!! 

In math we practiced identifying numbers to 20 and counting corresponds to objects.  One of our friends rolled a large die and then the class had to draw that many eyes, legs, arms, horns, or stripes on their nightmares.  We made a really cute project with their monsters and their nightmare writing.

To end our day we read Farms Feed the World.  We talked about farms growing crops and raising animals to give us food and clothing. 

Have a fun and safe trick-or-treating evening!!  See you tomorrow for our PARTY!!!

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