Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 22

Look at these cuties!  All dancing together to "Move it, move it!"
We were busy little bats this morning!  We watched a National Geographic video about bats.  We also finished reading Let's Look at Bats.  We paid close attention to the captions and then did a shared writing caption, "Bats can hang upside down."  We flew around like bats with the lights off and when the sun came up (lights on) we shared something we learned about bats with a partner.  We headed back to our roost (rug) and recorded all of our knowledge on our KWL chart!

After recess the kids did a nice job of retelling the beginning of Stellaluna.  We finished the rest of the book and discussed the differences between bats and birds.  The kids learned an important lesson about being friends with those that are different than you!  Then they headed back to their seats to draw a picture of the beginning of the story.  See if your child can tell you the three characters from the beginning!

During reading groups the kids did more research on their nocturnal animal.  Ask your child which one they are studying, a bat, owl, fox, or raccoon! 

In math we continued our talk on 5-ness.  Many kids brought in things from home that showed 5!  We added those items to our chart as examples of five. 

Don't forget that you can pick up your cookie dough orders from 3:30-7!  Free taco dinner from 5-7!

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