Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23

Today we read The Life Cycle of a Bat.  We learned that baby bats fly at 3-4 weeks and that some bats each frogs and fish.  Then the little writers practiced writing caption sentences with bat pictures.
We reviewed Stellaluna and drew pictures for the middle and end of the story.  They glued their pictures to a bat and practiced retelling the story. 
In math we are working on number combinations to five.  Today we used m&ms as counters!  The kids were very excited about that!  Each kiddo rolled a number cube, filled in that many red counters on their 5 frame, and filled the empty windows with yellow m&ms.  They also practiced saying the number sentence.  This will come in very handy during fourth quarter when they are asked to fluently add and subtract within five!

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