Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21

Welcome back!  I hope you had an enjoyable Fall break with your kinder!  They seemed a bit sleepy this morning, so was their teacher! 

We will learn about nocturnal animals over the next two weeks.  This week we are focusing on bats.  We did a KWL (know, wonder, learned) shared writing chart this morning.  Then we read, Let's Look at Bats a nonfiction book.  We paid close attention to the captions because that is our writing focus for this week.  The kids learned all kinds of new information to add to our chart, even "echolocation!"

During reading we are focusing on characters, setting, and retell using beginning, middle, and end.  Our read aloud is Stellaluna.  See if your student can retell the beginning of the story.

In math we are working on "5-ness."  We played a game called bunny ears.  I called out a number and the kids showed me number combinations on their fingers.  So, for five they showed 2+3, 5+0, and 1+4, we also talked about how if you reverse the numbers it is a new number sentence!  I challenged your student to find something at home that shows 5 (star, glove, etc.).  If they find something please send it in tomorrow. 

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