Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5

Today the kids were greeted with a Hershey Kiss on their name tag to help celebrate Kk day!  They also glued Mrs. King's picture to their page.

The kids worked very hard to help label our classroom.  We used our pretend bubblegum to help stretch out the words.  They had to use a lot of the skills we have been practicing to identify the letter that matches the sounds and be able to write the letter correctly, whew!  It would be great to practice writing some simple words at home with your kinder.  It is okay that they are not spelling things correctly.  At this point in the year I would be happy with beginning and ending sounds.  So door could be spelled "dr."  Maybe your kiddo could label the house or their room!  It would really help their confidence here at school!

After recess our Watchdog helped save us from a giant horsefly!!  Then we read It's Hard to be Five!   It talked about not being a baby anymore and having big kid responsibilities. 

After Library we read 10 Black Dots.  The kids helped me count each dot only once.  Then we played a game!  The kids danced around the room with a card that had black dots on it or a number 1-10 on it.  When the music stopped they had to freeze, show their card, and then match up with the friend that had the same number.  They did a great job!

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