Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3

This morning we added insect stickers to our Ii pages.  We learned that the letter I makes two sounds long I like ice cream and Isaac, and short I like icky!
In writing we are working on labeling.  We learned that labels give more information about a picture.  We checked out a really cool shark book and read the labels for more information.
Our wonderful PTO brought our cookies by right before recess.  We headed outside to enjoy our yummy treats in the beautiful weather!

 During the cookie dough drawing on Friday afternoon Ben won a nifty video camera!  Yay Ben!!
In math we are working on counting objects one at a time.  Today we learned that you will always count the same number of objects, no matter what arrangement they are in, unless you add some or take some away.  The kids also did a preassessment of counting and circling the number that tells how many.  For first quarter students should be able to count to 25 without error.

Our theme this week is "All About Me."  We are learning about our names and the special qualities that make us unique.  We listened to my all time favorite kindergarten some "What I Am" (you can find it to the right).  We read the book I Like Myself and worked on a self portrait. 

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