Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30

Fridays are always a blast in Kindergarten!  This morning our buddies visited us to help make some really cute David art!  It was so nice for the kinders to have an extra set of hands to help them cut.  It is absolutely precious to see these kind-hearted fourth graders work with our students.  You can tell the the monsters are already smitten!

They turned out super cute and make the perfect addition to our rule chart!  See if your kiddo can tell you all 5 rules with the hand motions.  Number 5 is my personal fav!
 We read Elmer and talked about how important it is that we are all unique and different.  Then we watched it while we had our snack.  You can check it out here.  Speaking of snack, Laden brought us an amazing 3D shape snack!!  Thanks Laden!  There were cereal spheres, marshmallow cylinders, bugle cones, and Starburst cubes!  The kids even sorted as they snacked!

 Mania was fun as always!  The kids hunted for letters in the bean box and tried to identify the letter and the sound it made.

 They did relief rubbings of the letters we learned this week; E, F, G, and H.
 They practiced forming their letters using glitter.
 They jumped the alphabet!
 And of course, read for treasure!
 Then we had a surprise announcement from Mr. Mortenson:

WE ARE THE TOP COOKIE DOUGH SELLING CLASS!!! So far we have sold a total of 135 tubs of cookie dough! We will be rewarded with a cookie party and extra recess on Tuesday!  Keep up the good work so that we can be the top selling class overall! 

Have a wonderful 3 days with your KinderMoNsTeR!  I am looking forward to another fun-filled week!

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