Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29

Happy Hh day!  We started off sticky happy faces on our Hh pages. 

Our fourth grade buddies popped by to introduce themselves first thing this morning!  It was so exciting to meet them!  The kids showed off their tables spots and gave tours of our room. 

 Then we headed out for some recess with them!  It was so cute to see them playing together!

We read David Goes to School and made "a great classmate" shared writing chart.  Then we headed back to our tables to practice writing our names with pencil, crayon, marker and pen.
During math we inspected our 3D shapes and took notes on what they look like and their characteristics (faces, points, etc.).  We also worked on identifying and coloring 3D shapes. 
We are looking forward to our FUN Friday!

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