Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28

This morning the kids were greated with gum and a scented gumball sticker for their Gg page!  They were so excited to chew gum in school!!  Here is our g jam!
 We had a special guest teacher, Mrs. Reid (Laden's mama!), come teach us about the proper grip to use when using a pencil or crayon.  The kids loved the cute song and coloring in the stars!

We wrote letters to introduce ourselves to our fourth grade buddies.  The kids each wrote the sentence "I am____." to go with our self portraits.  Tomorrow we will meet our new friends!

In math we made 3D shapes out of play-doh!  It was so much fun!  We learned that some of the shapes are hard to make (but fun to practice!).

 I am amazed everyday at how well this group turns their folders in and gets ready for the day!  Dismissal has never been smoother, nice work KinderMoNStErs!  Today they even earned a CONE kiss before leaving!

Don't forget to turn in your cookie dough 1/2 sheet on Friday! 

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