Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23

I had so much fun visiting with some of our kiddos that I totally forgot to write a post on Friday!  Sorry about that!  It is so fun getting to know your families!  Speaking of families, don't forget to send in your family picture tomorrow!  The kids will be working on labeling their family members and writing something they enjoy doing together. 

This morning we read a book about different families.  We discovered that families have different members, live in different places, eat different foods, and do different things. 

In math we are working on writing number 1-10.  This would be a great thing to practice with chalk while you are enjoying this beautiful weather!!

The kids got to enjoy the center room while the teachers pulled kids for quarterly testing.  It is amazing that the first quarter is coming to an end.  Check your kiddo's folder to sign up for your preference of a conference time!

We finished up our day by reading Up, Up, Up!  It's Apple Picking Time!  We focused on how the setting changes through the story and the charters in the book. 

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