Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19

We had a busy, busy day!  We put fancy tape on our Tt pages and headed right out for our bus evacuation drill.  I think the kiddos were a bit bummed that the bus didn't take us anywhere!

We read a book about our sense of touch and then added different textures to our "touch" page.  We used words like bumpy, rough, smooth, spongey, fuzzy, and soft.

During reading we have been focusing on the characters in the story.  All of our books this week have focused on families.  We have also been talking about the setting and how it changes throughout the story.  We use clues that the author and illustrator give us to help us understand how the time and place change.  Today we started reading Up, Up, Up! It's Apple Picking Time but had to stop in the middle to head to computers. 

In math we watching Rosie's Walk and tried to identify all of the positional words.  Then we headed back to our seats to practice identifying some pictures to match those words.  Right and left are still the trickiest! 

In your child's folder tonight is our school picture order form as well as a volunteer sheet.  With grade cards right around the corner I would love to have some helpers come to help with our numerous assessments! 

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