Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18

Today went by in a flash!  The kids added scented scrath and sniff star stickers to their Ss pages. 

We read about about our sense of taste.  The kids cut out pictures from magazine pages of foods they liked to eat.  They glued the pictures in their five senses book and labeled them.  We are working hard to stretch out words and write the sounds we hear.  Even if it is just the first and last sounds!!  We are working on building our confidence without a teacher helping.

After recess we learned three new vocabulary words that went along with Bee-bim Bop, savor, appetite, and urgency.  We practiced lining up with urgency but then needed to add "safety" along with urgency! 

During math we are working on positional language (over, under, beside, on, left, right, behind, in front).  Today we talked about left and right and it was very tricky!  We are going to hit it again tomorrow!  We did a dance similar to the hokey pokey while wearing red (right) and yellow (left) writstbands.  Any tips you can share with your kiddo on differentiating between their right and left would be helpful!  I have assigned 3 additional positional language assignments on scootpad.  Every student that completes these assignments will get a treat on Friday, September 27th!

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