Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17

Today we added rubber bands for R.  We have also been busy counting during morning meeting because report card assessing is starting!  Please make sure you are logging into scootpad to practice first quarter skills!

We learned about our sense of hearing today.  Mother Nature provided lots of sounds for us to hear this morning!  Rain dripping on the ceiling on plenty of booming thunder!  The kids taped jingle bells in their five senses books and identified pictures by sounds they heard.  We also headed into the center room to use our five senses.

The kids enjoyed helping me read Bee-bim Bop.  We read like detectives searching for clues that the author and illustrator gave us that would help answer the question, "What is Bee-bim Bop?"  It turns out that it is a Korean dish of rice with meat and vegetables. 

In math we are learning about positional words.  We talked about our favorite places to hide when playing hide and seek.  Maybe you should try playing on this rainy day and have your child tell you using positional language where you/they hid!  We sang and acted out the song "Where is Monkey."  Then we rolled a jumbo cube that told us where to hid our stuffed monkey. 

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