Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13, PIRATE DAY!

Yo, ho Mateys!  We had a great time at Pirate Day!  The scalawags came in ready to pillage the park for treasure, ARGH!  First they set off getting tattoos, scars, and even growin' some facial hair!  They also got busy makin' a map to find the treasure!

We gathered together for just a bit of learnin' not too much though cuz pirates only need map readin' skills!

We gathered on the playground where Captain Mortenson read us, How I Became a Pirate by David Shannon.  Then he sent us about our way to plunder the treasures of Winwood Park!

It seems this little lubber already had some gold!

The swashbuckling kinders traded their gold for one of my treasures! 
Then they had a blast playing.  Luckily no one got out of line or they would have had to walk the plank!
When we returned we had a much needed treat from our birthday girl, Keeley!  The kids put their cookies 'n milk down the hatch in no time!  Then the kids relaxed and watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  They really enjoyed kicking back with their friends.

Today was also our last day with our friend Madison.  We will miss her so much and I am happy that we got to send her off on such a fun day.  The kids all autographed a copy of Pete the Cat so that she could remember all of her KinderMoNStEr friends.  Good luck little lady, have fun in Texas!

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