Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12

This morning Mrs. Burton and the kiddos worked on the letter Pp (for PIRATES!!!) and did morning meeting without me.  When I returned from my meeting one of the kids said, "Boy, that was a long meeting!"  Poor little monsters probably thought I was never returning after being gone yesterday!

They learned about what muscles do for your body and added a piece of elastic, colored red, to their paper people.

We had our first visit to the center room today because of the rain!  The kids visited one of the following centers; dramatic play, blocks, art, brainiac, or science.  They seemed to really enjoy themselves!

We reviewed their story from yesterday What Will Mommy Do While I'm at School?  and they helped me fill in another word on our family word chart.  We are practicing saying the syllables, or word parts, and then stretching those out and writing the sounds we hear.  For example sis-ter would have 2 claps, then the kids stretch out s-i-s and write each sound, then we move on to -ter and repeat!

During math we played some number sense games to review greater than and less than.  I put the kids into two teams and had a student from each come up and roll a number cube with dots on it.  The teams then had to decide which number was greater.  The greater number kiddo got the alligator cheer!  Then we played mystery number headbands.  A student was chosen to wear the headband and a mystery number was put in it.  They had to guess their number and the rest of the students responded if their number was greater than or less than.  There was a numberline on the board to keep track of the numbers that had been eliminated.  It is definitely a game we will play again!

I am so excited for pirate day tomorrow!!  I can't wait to see all of your little scalawags!

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