Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10

This morning the kiddos put a newspaper and numbers on their Nn pages.  We are beginning to assess kids on letter recognition and sound production.  Check out starfall (to the right) for more practice!

We studying the digestive system today!  They knew that food started being crushed up in our mouth, down a tube to our tummy but then we needed to do a bit of research!  We watched a BrainPop video that helped explain the digestive system and looked at a diagram in a big book.  The kids were so embarrassed to say what unused food turned into!  It was really sweet!  They added a balloon and pink yarn to their paper person to represent their stomachs and intestines.

We reviewed Bear's Busy Family and hunted for the word "the" in the text.  So far we have added a, I, my, and the to our word wall.  These are words that kids should start recognizing in print and be able to spell during writing.  The kids helped me label my family during a shared writing activity.  Then they headed back to draw a picture of their families.

In math we are talking about comparing numbers.  We made a number line and stacked play-doh cups up to represent each number.  The kids concluded that as the numbers got further from 0 they also got bigger.  We will focus more on greater and less than in the 3rd quarter but this acts as a foundation for number sense.

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