Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26

Happy E day!  We added an elephant movement to our sound song and learned that many times e shows up in the middle of words.  We also learned that e makes 2 sounds!

During writing we are focusing on writing our names with one uppercase letter and the rest lowercase.  We read No David! and the kiddos helped me spot David's name in the book.  Then we practiced writing our names on white boards.  I am sending home some name pages for your child to practice at home.  Feel free to copy these or let me know if you need additional sheets.  I do not need these back, I will be able to see their progress on papers we do here at school!

We read Me and You during reading and worked on opposites as well as rhyming words.  We learned three new fancy words; stalking, differ, and mellow.  We then "stalked" our way down to P.E.! 

In reading groups we are focusing on the sound the letter R makes, introducing the word a, and counting syllables.  We are also talking about what good readers do; checking the picture and pointing to words as they read. 

In math we are studying 3D shapes (you can find the song to the right!---->).  The kids will be tested on a sphere, cone, cube, and cylinder.  Today we looked at objects and classified them by 3D shape (we did not get to the homework objects so there is still time to send them in!).  We finished up by playing hot potato with our shapes!  When the music stopped the child had to identify the shape by name.

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