Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23

Happy Friday!!  We survived our first week together and had a BLAST!  Next week we will have to buckle down and get to work but we will make it fun too!

This morning we were lucky enough to meet Mrs. Hunt who will be bringing art to us throughout the year.  Today they practice identifying colors and color words by making a rainbow fish.

We read Where the Wild Things Are and made a monster glyph that tells what each students' favorite color is, age, and which book the preferred (Where the Wild Things Are or Go Away Big Green Monster).  We even learned to open, close, and use drippy glue!

The kids enjoyed playing at recess.  They were really excited to use the new sand toys and shovels the Ben donated!  THANKS BEN!!  They didn't get to check out books at library today but have been promised that they will next time.

Krayson brought in a delicious snack of grapes and goldfish crackers.  THANKS KRAYSON!!  The kids also had their choice of chocolate, strawberry, white milk, or water.  Please make sure that your child's milk account has money in it if they are a milk drinker!

September 13th we will be celebrating the letter P with PIRATE DAY!!  It is also one of our friend's birthdays!  The kiddos will be asked to dress in their best pirate gear as we go on a hunt for buried treasure!  I will need some parent volunteers to help with tattoos (no experience necessary!), walking to the park with us, and hiding treasure at the park before we get there.  Please email me and let me know if you are interested!  We will start first thing in the morning and be back around 10:30. 

Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet monsters!

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