Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22

This morning the kiddos got busy putting dots, dogs, and dinosaurs on their Dd pages.  They loved the D song.  The kids signed our friend Jackson's cast with their initials.
We added horns, eyes, and teeth to our "Old Monsters" from yesterday.  They turned out very cute and will be on display in our art gallery soon!
At recess we were surprised to find our new gravel pit!  The kids LOVED it!!  If you have any extra trucks, shovels, or buckets you would like to donate please let me know!
 When we came in from recess we found a great big mess!  We suspect the Big Green Monster came and tore up our room while we were gone.  Luckily the kids have been practicing sorting so that they could help clean up the monster mess!

 They were very resourceful using their shirts to carry large loads1

 Some even sorted by type and color!

After music and reading groups we read Bye-bye, Big Bad Bullybug! by Ed Emberly.  We also went over the PTO cookie dough packet.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  The kids were very excited about having a snow cone party!!  Happy selling!

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