Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21

This morning the kinderMonsters made cottony clouds on their Cc pages in their alphabet books.  We also added an action to our dance and listened to this jam. 

We read another Ed Emberly book, There Was an Old Monster and listened to the song that goes with it.  The kids did some sponge painting to make their own monsters.  Hopefully I sent them home with minimal blue paint on them!  Tomorrow we will give them some facial features.

We read Something Special  and practiced predicting.  We learned three new fancy words; complained, encourage, and talent.
In math we reviewed sorting by color, shape,and size.  This would be a great skill to pratice at home!  Your kiddo could help you sort the laundry by color, sort forks or spoons by size, and sort crackers by shape.  They will be tested on this pretty soon!  Try this game for extra practice!

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