Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20

This morning the kids came in and got busy with the letter B!  They colored it blue in their alphabet books and put a band-aid on it.  We also added a bouncing ball action to our "Who let the letters out" song.

We read If You're a Monster and You Know It and acted it out to this song.  The kids added two big, yellow eyes, one long, bluish-greenish nose, a big, red mouth, and four sharp, pointy teeth to their monster paintings from yesterday. 

After recess we worked on making predictions in our story from yesterday, From Head to Toe.  The kids also learned three new fancy words; ability, confident, and reverse.  Then they were EXTREMELY excited to head to their very first P.E. class!

In reading groups the kids have leared the correct way to form A and B.  They have also learned to read the work "I".  They are working on saying the first sound of a word as opposed to the first letter.

During math we sorted by coloring using the Big, Green Monster and some yummy m&ms!

Don't forget to come hear all about kindergarten in 106 tonight at 6:30!

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