Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16

Today we read a really neat book that was made completely from recycled materials!  While we were reading 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World we learned some new ways to help the Earth.  We wrote a few down on our class chart.  The kids really liked the tip about unplugging the T.V.  Then we raised our right hands, high-fived a friend, and made a promise to the Earth about how we will take care of her.  The kids traced their hands and wrote down their promises.  They will be on display on the bulletin board as you come into school.

We had a great time at centers again!  The Earth Day activities are a hit!

We reread I Wish I Were a Pilot and the kids picked the job they thought would be the most fun.  We reviewed the words gleaming, dare, and splendid. 

In math we are talking about number combinations to 10.  We watched Annie and Mobie as they explained it using linker cubes.  We made a rainbow that shows equations that equal 10 that will help us with tomorrow's math activity. 

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