Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17

This morning we read Earth Day and added a few more things to our "We love Earth!" chart.  Then the kids wrote their promises to the Earth.  I was super-impressed how great their writing is!  Their stamina is really coming along, I had one girlie write seven promises!!  We made some really cute art to go along with it which is displayed in our hallway. 

We started reading The Kite Festival.  We identified the characters and noticed that the author and the illustrator is the same person!  We were looking for evidence in the words to understand the author's meaning. 

After reading groups we revisited number combinations that make 10.  We used our "Make 10 Rainbows" to help us with our math work.  The kids rolled a number cube and had to figure out what to add to that number to make 10. 

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