Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15

In celebration of Earth Day we will be studying ways to help our planet this week!  This morning we read a Weekly Reader article called "It's Earth Day!"  We then charted ideas of how we could help take care of the Earth.  The kids made some really cool tie-dyed Earths using a coffee filter, markers, and water. 

In the center room the kids were excited to see some Earth Day fun!  At the art center they are making beads out of recycled magazines.  These beads will be sent home in a cup with a piece of yarn to string in order to make a necklace.  In the dramatic play area the kids hopscotched as the sorted some recyclables in to paper, metal, or plastic.  At the building center kids worked together to complete forest puzzles that shows plants and animals that live on our Earth.  They also had Earth Day books to browse through.  At the science center the kids are making "grass heads."  They will be bringing home a cup with a face drawn on it.  There is dirt and grass seed inside.  As the grass grows their head will get hair!  It is fun to let your child give their "grass head" a haircut!  At the brainiac station kids practiced some of our reading skills or played Earth Day games on the computers.

We reviewed reality and fantasy during our reading of I Wish I Were a Pilot.  They learned three new fancy words; gleaming, splendid, and dare.

In math the kids practiced counting by 10s and 1s.  They spun their tens and rolled their ones to make their mystery number.  They then had to get the correct number of tens strips and ones squares to create a picture.  The kids had fun counting their friends pictures and checking the mystery number to see if they counted correctly!

Don't forget that if you would like to order Scholastic books the deadline is Wednesday.  Pre-sale carnival ticket order forms are due THIS FRIDAY!  If you signed up to send in a lollipop donation please send them in ASAP so the PTO can get prizes ready.  Thank you for all that you do!

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