Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12

We had a great last day studying the rain forest!  The kids came in and were asked to write one fact about sloths.  To my amazement, my little over achievers wrote two or three facts!!  Awesome.  Then we attached them to their super-cute sloths and displayed them in our classroom rain forest.  I think they turned out adorable! (Thank you Mrs. Bryan and Mrs. P!)
 We then got busy researching crocodiles.  We learned all kinds of interesting things!  Your kindergartener should know how many teeth they have, what they eat, and even what a baby crocodile sounds like!  They made these cute critters and wrote their crocodile fact inside their mouths!
We had a great time at Friday MaNiA and enjoyed a yummy snack provided by Jackson.  I enjoyed seeing the many signs of if the weather would show it I would be even happier!!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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