Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11

Check out the adorable (and highly lethal!) poison dart frogs that the kiddos made yesterday!  This morning we used interactive writing to make a sentence to match them. The kids shared the pen to write "Poison dart frogs can poison other animals."
We then got busy researching two-toed sloths.  See if your kiddo can tell you some of the neat (and gross!) facts that we learned.  This will also be good practice since they need to be able to write a sloth fact as morning work tomorrow!  Then we made the most adorable sloths to hang in our room!

Since the kids worked like first graders all morning we went out to the first grade playground for a very chilly recess!! 

When we got back we played a boys vs. girls place value game.  It was pretty intense!  Boys got the most points but the girls won the teamwork award! 

Our school carnival is quickly approaching!  Your ticket order form is due next Friday the 19th.  Here is some more information about the pre-k/kindergarten carnival:  This is a carnival within a carnival.  We use Mrs. Furlong's room and Ms. Scott's room.  Inside the students will experience many of the same carnival games but in a smaller less crowded setting.  This is a great place to bring the youngest sibling and take the older student to the regular carnival...and it is also a great place to come if it is your first carnival.
The cost per student participating is $10.00.  This includes a magic ticket to the 6:45 show...with front row seating!!
Parents are welcome to stay in the PREk / KDG carnival with their children...but will need to purchase a magic show ticket if they want to attend that activity.

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