Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10

It sounds like Friday went fabulously well!  I heard all about how much fun the kids had and the incredibly artistic mommies that transformed kiddos into rain forest animals! 

Beautiful butterflies,

marvelous monkeys,

terrific toucans,

outrageous ocelots, makes for one...

WILD bunch!!

 Here are a couple of pictures of some Spring snacking subtraction the kids did!
 I was happy to be back with the kids today!  They learned about the poison dart frog with Mrs. Pemberton while I was at my district meeting.  When I returned we used our creative abilities to make some!  They had lots of information to share with me!

During math we are going to be working on place value or counting by tens and ones.  The kids should be familiar with this concept because we do it everyday as we count how many days we have been in kindergarten.  We watched a brainpop on place value and then played a partner game to show two digit numbers.
 The kids did a great job using teamwork!  Don't forget to keep practicing your flashcards adding to 5 and subtracting from 5!!

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