Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6

Happy WaCKy WeDnESdaY!  The kids looked adorable, nice job!  I am so sad to report that we were so busy today that I forgot to take any pictures (Mrs. Gabriel took the one above).  The kids began the day writing dialog for the doctor in their community helper notebook. 

During our Dr. Seuss author study, Mrs. Pemberton read them Wacky Wednesday.  The kids helped her point out all of the wacky things in the pictures.  Then the kids set about making a page for our own class-made book!  They rolled a number cube to determine the number of wacky things that needed to be in their room  They had fun creating and sharing their page!

Then we took a trip to Kinder City.  Today the teachers were writing lists of rhyming words, sentences, and practicing their number writing!  The mail carriers were writing and delivering letters all over the city!

We read Community Helpers: Mail Carriers and discussed all of the important jobs they have.  The kids also made some mail pouches so that they can help deliver the mail at home! 

The kids added a sentence or two or THREE to their uniform report about what they need to wear to their future job.  I have been so impressed how well they can navigate the laptops in Kidspiration, use the keyboard, save, and shut down. 

We ended our day subtracting like pirates!  We rolled number cubes to help us figure out the number sentence.  The pirates boarded the ship (a.k.a. table) and then we subtracted pirates by making them walk the plank!  It was a lot of fun and also helped reinforce the concept that when we subtract we always end with less!  Check out the clip here

Don't forget to look Cat in the Hat-ish tomorrow!  Think stripes, red, white, black, blue!

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