Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5

Silly socks=silly kindermonsters!  Despite all of the silly fun we did get a lot of work done!

We read a snipit of Fox in Socks and made some really cute rhyming puppets.  We also read The Foot Book and did a footprint painting. 

The kids visited Kinder City.  I was really impressed with the dentists and teachers today!  They were very engaged in their work!

We used monsters to help us read subtraction problems.  The kids used cubes to help show the problem.  As they subtracted the monsters "ate" the cubes to reveal how many were left!

The kids were excited to finish reading When I Grow Up.  We compared the author of the book, Al Yankovic, to Dr. Seuss.  The kids concluded that they are both silly, wrote books to make kids laugh, and use rhyming words.  Then we got busy on our Kidspiration writing project.

We had a special guest at the end of our day!  Mr. Ham, JT's daddy, came to tell us about being an air traffic controller.  I learned a lot!  It sounds like a job for a smart cookie that can stay up for lots of hours!  He did such a great job and Mrs. Ham made the cutest "uniform" for us!  Thank you Ham Family!

In your child's folder you will find a new sight word homework assignment, please let me know if you have any questions!

Dont forget tomorrow is WaCKy WEdNesDaY!!  Dress as silly as you can!

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