Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4

We had a great Monday!  Hopefully this is the start of a nice, normal week!  We did SO much today!

The day started with practicing kindergarten skills on!  If you haven't checked out this website it is a must see!  For kids that are ready for more advanced skills you can explore different grade levels. 

After morning meeting we started reading a book that Caleb donated to our class called, When I Grow Up.  It is a hoot!  The kids are so excited to finish it!  There were actually groans when I told them we had to stop.  Then we started our Uniform Day writing on the laptops.  The kids are using a program called kidspiration to write about what they want to be when they grow up, the uniform they will wear, the tools they will need, and what they will do in their job.  Today they started a new project, imported a picture of them in the uniform, and saved their file.

Then we took a much needed break to Kinder City!  There were many fires that the firefighters had to handle! 

The kids all listened with wide eyes to The Cat in the Hat.  Isn't it amazing what an impact Dr. Seuss has had on children of many different generations?  It doesn't matter how many times you read or listen to that story, it always draws you in!  We talked a bit about Theodore Seuss Giselle and why he became an author.  If you have some time you may want to explore the Seussville website to learn more about the famous author.  The kids created some adorable "Kid in the Hat" art which is on display in the hallway.

To close out the day we practiced our subtraction skills.  We used cubes to help us subtract from 9 during the reading of Buzzing Bees.  We had a couple of extra minutes so we finished up with mad minute!

Don't forget tomorrow is crazy socks day!

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