Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25

Welcome back!!  This morning we hit the ground running.  The kids were excited to see their new seats but seemed a bit hesitant about the assignment that was waiting for them!  They must have had SO much fun over break!

After morning meeting we used white boards to practice changing sounds in words and reading the new words we created.  We also read a really great patterned text Whose House? 

In the center room the kids were able to explore the rainforest, make Easter eggs, do an "explosive" science experiment, practice reading skills, and build with blocks.  They might have been a little disappointed that Kinder City was gone.

You might have done some pretty exciting things over break BUT today, we took a flight to the rainforest!!  True story, your kiddo should have the bording pass in their folder for proof!  Friday will be our rainforest show and tell, draw or bring a picture of something you would see/find in a rain forest and be ready to give us 3 facts about it!

 During math we practiced "fast adding."  By the end of the quarter they will be expected to see an addition or subtraction problem within 5 and say the answer automatically.  We played a game called "scrambled eggs" that had kids racing around the room to add!

We still need someone to fill the 5-5:30 "Bozo's Buckets" slot at the carnival.  Please let me know if you are able to help!  Thanks!!

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