Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14

The kiddos were excited to see water color paints at their tables this morning!  They painted rainbows as morning work. 

After morning meeting the kids and I thought of what we would do if we were lucky enough to find a leprechaun's pot of gold!  They had some really cute ideas!  Some would buy 1,000 cars, a pretty new dress and crown, lots of ice cream, legos, and go to Disney!  We attached the rainbows to our pot-of-gold writing and displayed them in the hall.  They are adorable and the kids wrote two or more sentences, they are getting so stinkin' smart!! 

We were lucky enough to have Mrs. Hunt visit us today!  She made the most adorable Easter project with the kids.

We finished up our uniform self-portrait pictures.  Mrs. M read one of my favorite Robert Munsch stories to the kids, We Share EVERYTHING!  Afterwards we celebrated Miss Jillian's birthday with donuts and apples, YUM!

The kids bodies were full of energy today so get out there and ENJOY this beautiful weather.  Have a wonderful Spring break.  I will miss your little darlings!

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