Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13

What an exciting day we had!  During reading we were playing a really fun sight word review game.  The lights were off, a student was looking for the sight word I had called out with a flashlight while his classmates wrote the word on their whiteboards, when there was a knock at the door!  When I opened the door we found a brown paper sack with a shamrock on it.

We quickly headed to the rug to unpack the mystery bag.  It contained a recipe for Irish pudding and all of the ingredients, a box of Lucky Charms and some graphs, and a note.  The surprise package had been left by a leprechaun!  We whipped up the Irish pudding together at the rug.  We decided to head to Kinder City while we waited for it to firm up.  

On our way to the metropolis the kids kept their eyes peeled for the little green man!  The news station had a late breaking story about a leprechaun on the loose!

When we returned we had just enough time to examine the changing setting in The Paperboy before heading to library. 

After working on our portraits a bit more we decided to sample our Irish pudding.  Not many of the kiddos liked it very well, except for my man Mr. A!  I swear he will eat just about anything!  The kids then busily sorted the marshmallows out of their bag of Lucky Charms and graphed them.  They worked quickly so they could eat them up!  

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