Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12

The kids were excited to find a St. Patrick's Day word hunt as they came in today.  They were so cute as they walked around armed with paper and pencil searching for hidden sight word shamrocks.

After morning meeting we practiced writing sentences with the sight words they, are, and who.  We also emphasized the ending mark, some needed periods and others needed question marks. 

We read Officer Buckle and Gloria and talked about the characters and setting in the story.  After the reading the kids had to illustrate their understanding of characters and setting.

Our trip to Kinder City was busy as always!  We had a conversation about if it was okay for boys to paint their finger nails.  We decided that it was their choice and that it was not kind to make fun of people or hurt their feelings. 

The kids were excited to paint the skin on their self-portraits that they drew yesterday.  After they finished painting they grabbed a math game to practice addition and subtraction. 

In your child's folder you will find the Scholastic Book order forms.  Please remember, if you order online you will receive a free book certificate to use on your next order, our classroom will receive one too!  I would like to have all orders submitted by Tuesday, March 26th.  I included a 2nd-3rd grade catalog as well for those of you looking for more challenging reading materials!

Also, please keep your child's sight word rainbow in their folder.  We have begun asking them their words and part of the reward of reading all of the words in a row is to color in part of the rainbow.  Thanks!

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