Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11

This morning we welcomed Officer Fulks to our classroom.  He had a lot to tell us about his job and being kind to others.  He even showed us all of the tools that he carries with him, see if your child can name a few!

This week we are busy testing, testing, testing!  That means in math the kids are reviewing addition and subtraction with partner games.  It was really fun to seeing them working so well together and helping each other when they got stuck.

Our trip to Kinder City was a lot of fun.  The kids asked me all morning when it was time to go!  They were really excited to get back to work.

We began drawing our self-portraits of us in our uniforms today.  They are darling!  The rest of the week we will spend painting them.

To finish out our day we read Zara's Hats.  Our comprehension focus was questioning.  Good readers ask questions to keep them motivated to read more to find out answers.  I was surprised at how well they did this!  Plus, they were adorable using their "I've got it!" gesture when they figured out an answer!

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