Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8

This morning we finished up our presidential study by figuring out what a president actually does.  We read What Does the President Do?  After the reading we imagined that we were presidents that were in charge of the Nation.  It was really cute to hear what the kids would do!  Some of their ideas included mandatory ice cream for breakfast, slumber parties at the White House, and making everyone be fair!  We did some writing about it and added their faces to the dollar bill, sorry George!

The kids did their adorable Valentine's Day art with Mrs. Hunt.  I hope that you enjoy it!  We had a lot of fun creating it!

Friday Mania was tons of fun as always!  The kids practiced their sight words in many different valentine-y ways!

I enjoyed hearing about the kids' favorite books and we had one kiddo show off a penny that had Abe Lincoln on it.  Sorry about getting out a bit late today, between Mania, show-and-tell, and snack we were crunched for time at dismissal!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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